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      People-oriented, responsibility first, win-win cooperation

      About Us

      Founded in 2008, Firstao has self-support import and export rights and a group of professional sales teams. We are committed to importing advanced industrial raw materials and exporting various advantageous products, which are mainly involved in various surfactants, plastic raw materials,auxiliaries, oleochemicals, fine chemicals and other industrialchemicals.

      Sticking to the business philosophy of "responsibility first, win-win cooperation", our company has established a long-term strategic partnership with many well-known petrochemical companies in china  and abroad; we aim to provide customers with thoughtful service and technical support.

      Since establishment, we have been committed to be a professional industrial service provider and supplier; Based on our professional capabilities and superior supply, we want to help customers solve problems and demands encountered in production and development. For more than ten years, we have long-term cooperation with UPC, aekyung,LG chemical, BASF, Clariant, DOW, sasol, sabic, Sinopec, Leander, Musim Mas, EVYAP and other companies for getting common development. At the same time, we have established cooperative relations with universities and research institutes in china, which can help our customers and products' application.

      Good  relationship and professional team make us continue to progress; Firstao is determined to be a professional service provider and supplier of chemicals in China.

      Our company  headquarter is in Tongxiang city of Zhejiang province, and has warehouses in Tongxiang, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo , so that customers can pick up and get delivery service at any time.
      We sincerely hope that our efforts can help you enhance the competitiveness of your products and help you export your products all over the world.

      Please feel free to contact us.

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      We are professionally committed to market development and sales in the fields of plastics and auxiliaries, surfactants, oleochemicals and derivatives;
      In the professional field we insist on, we are constantly innovating, advancing with the times, and developing our business by creating value for customers;
      Using our professional and resource advantages to help customers solve problems faster and improve product competitiveness is our constant pursuit;
      Tolerance is great.?Firstao insists on win-win cooperation for getting continuous progress; it has established a long-term cooperative development model with excellent companies and scientific research institutions at home and abroad to help our company and customers getting development continuously;

      Become a professional service provider of plastic additives,
      surfactants, oleochemicals and derivatives


      Company Pictures

      People-oriented, responsibility first, win-win cooperation

      Department Introduction

      People-oriented, responsibility first, win-win cooperation

      • Our Plastic Auxiliary Department was established when the company was established. The original intention was to solve the special needs of customers for stable, affordable supply and product upgrades. After years of hard work and perseverance, we have established a comprehensive vinyl resin raw material supply system with plasticizers as the main products and supplemented with special functional auxiliaries such as light and heat stabilizers, lubricants, and antioxidants. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with BASF, LG, BAERLOCHER, Eastman, Liancheng, Aijing, Formosa Plastics, etc.

        This department focuses on vinyl resin formula raw materials, and has established professional talents intellectual support to provide customers with suggestions for solving production process problems and product upgrades and cooperate with tissue samples to ensure normal production rhythm and the development efficiency of new products.

        Based on the concept of value service, our company provides customers with integrated solutions. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life and merchants to guide us, work together to create a brilliant future!

        Contact Us
        13957349694 / 0573-88181891Tian Jianqiang
      • For a long time, we have imported various surfactants and their derivatives and established business relationships with well-known companies such as BASF, DOW, sasol, Clariant and others.?Introducing advanced technology to help customers develop and solve problems is our consistent pursuit.

        At the same time, we have also established a good partnership with our peers and domestic factories, to consign or export their products to different zones and regions; common development and growth.

        In the field of surfactant, we strive to be more professional and more comprehensive, and use our professionalism and focus to help customers develop and innovate and continue to develop.

        Customers and friends in need are welcome to call us, have business negotiation and cooperation!

        Contact Us
        18957372751 / 0573-88180573Zhang Zhiliang
      • Long-term supply of imported oleochemical raw materials: fatty alcohol, lauric acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, glycerin, etc. At the same time, we have established a long-term win-win partnership with customer factories, which can process and produce various ester derivatives for customers.

        Customers and friends in need are welcome to call us, have business negotiation and cooperation!

        Contact Us
        18957372751 / 0573-88180573Zhang Zhiliang

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      People-oriented, responsibility first, win-win cooperation



      Tel: +86-573-88181891 / 88180573
      Fax: +86-573-88185736
      Address: Room 1708, Jinyue Fortune Center, 303 Zhenxing East Road, Tongxiang, Zhejiang
      Website: www.lu-tu.cn

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